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Ever wore a shirt that made you feel good and inspired a total stranger who saw it? Well, now it's time to wear your faith and inspire others with the Word of God.

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Like surprises and savings? Every month, you'll receive a new buttery-soft tee to encourage you during every season. Get it with the club discount for ONLY $19.99 when you subscribe. *cancel anytime* 

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  • I am loving all of the different designs & vibrant colors that make these shirts stand out & want to order more. So go ahead and join the t-shirt club! There are different sizes to choose from. Patrice's FEARLESS BAG is another fav of mine.


  • I got to wear my first

    TSHIRT Club shirt this week

    and I LOVED IT!


  • Surprisingly, Patrice Schaffer Shop became my go to online shop for graphic tees. I love the Revivalist collection.